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To place your order, please use the Order Form below. Make your selections, leave irrelevant lines blank, and send the attached completed form (on the next page), along with a check for payment in full, to "USA Talk Network" (or provide credit card data) to: USA Talk Network, Box 17143, Boulder, CO 80308-0143. We will contact you to arrange the design, copy, artwork, graphics, and/or video for your ad.

You may send the form electronically and either include credit card information or mail a check separately. If you do send the Order Form by U.S. First Class Mail, please call us at (303) 443-2626 to advise us when it was mailed.

Sponsorships and advertisements usually are fully tax-deductible for businesses and organizations as an advertising expense. Rates are net agency commissions, if any. As an alternative, a tax-deductible contribution may be made to the Democracy & Media Education Foundation ("DMEF") to support the program(s). The DMEF is a federally tax-exempt, charitable organization organized per the requirements of IRS Code Section 501(c)(3).

Please make certain your payment specifies which program(s) you are supporting -- i.e., one or more of "The Aaron Harber Show," "Blind Justice," and/or "Election 2002." Rates are subject to change but are guaranteed for the length of any advertising contract. All checks and other payments (including for donations) should be sent to USA Talk Network for proper accounting.

If you wish to make a donation, you can elect whether or not you want to be thanked for your support on the air (such as a narration with a logo saying, "This program was made possible by the generous support of...").

USA-TN reserves the right to accept or reject and sponsor, advertiser, underwriter or material for broadcast and that any agreement is subject to the terms of the USA-TN standard contract. Please call USA-TN at (303) 443-2626 for more information about advertising, segment sponsorships, or making a donation to support the programs of your choice. Thank you very much.

To complete your order, fill in the Order Form, below, and send it via e-mail to USA Talk Network. You also may print out the Order Form [click here], fill it out, and mail it in with your payment. Again, thank you very much for your support of our programming.

Name and title of person placing order:



State: ZipCode:


Contact name and number (if different from above) for copy, artwork, or production or for any other arrangements
you need to have made:

Contact name and phone number (if different from above) for billing and payment, if you would like to be billed:

Show or shows you wish to participate in:
[ ] "The Aaron Harber Show™" [ ] "Blind Justice™"

TV sponsorship level selected (length and/or location of spot):

TV sponsorship rate per show: $

Number of times run (number of programs):

Total TV sponsorship: $

Start date:Finish date:

Segment sponsorship:

Name of segment selected:

Segment sponsorship rate:

Number of segments being sponsored:

Other information for television spots or credits:

World Wide Web ("WWW") sponsorship level selected:

WWW sponsorship rate per show: $

Number of times run (number of programs):

Total WWW sponsorship: $

Start date:

Finish date:

Link information to link your Web site to USA-TN viewers:

Other information for World Wide Web spots, credits, links, pages, et cetera:

Election to be identified as an Underwriter means receiving an announced underwriter credit such as "This program was made possible by a generous gift from [YOUR NAME]." Underwriters also can elect to remain anonymous.

[ ] WWW Underwriting = $

[ ] TV Underwriting = $

Check here for anonymity: [ ]

Advertising Agency contact information (if applicable):

Paid via: [ ] Check [ ] VISA [ ] MasterCard

If a credit card is used: Full Name on credit card:

Card Number:

Expiration Date:

Name/title of authorizing person, if different from signature, above:

Click here to download our printer-friendly version of USA-TN's Sponsorship & Advertising Order Form.

(Note: Click here to get Adobe's Reader free)

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