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This week on The Aaron Harber Show:

Ed Monser, the President of Emerson, discusses his work managing almost 115,000 employees around the world who generate nearly $25 billion a year in revenue. He describes Emerson’s leadership in the development of automation, its focus on efficiency and waste elimination, and the company’s desire and mandate for a healthier climate and clean environment. Also discussed is Emerson’s international business activities and Mr. Monser’s ideas about what needs to be done to make American companies more competitive and successful.  He explains the reason American businesses are not more competitive on the world stage is because of the taxes these businesses face at home.  He describes how the fact that the U.S. corporate tax rate exceeds that of most other industrialized nations creates a financial incentive for American firms doing business globally to be based outside the U.S.  Monser also opines that businesses who want to sell their products here in the U.S. should be asked to build them in the U.S., with American workers doing the tasks as well.


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