Inside The Show: Information For Guests

Thank you for agreeing to be a guest on "The Aaron Harber Show ".  "The Aaron Harber Show" is a news and entertainment show produced by USA Talk Network in conjunction with Colorado Public Broadcasting System station KBDI/TV-12.  It is a sometimes serious, sometimes satirical, no-holds-barred look at the issues of the day, hosted by Aaron Harber.  The show depends on its guests for its quality (sorry, Aaron).  Great guests make great shows.

The show is meant to be fun to do and fun to watch.  The key is to have a good time and not take yourself too seriously.  The show is broadcast at 9:00 pm on Fridays and at 2:00 pm on Sundays on KBDI Channel 12 and its affiliated stations up and down the Front Range.  Just some of the communities which carry the program include, but are not limited to, Aurora, Arvada, Boulder, Brighton, Broomfield, Colorado Springs, Commerce City, Denver, Englewood, Erie, Fort Collins, Golden, Greeley, Highlands Ranch, Lafayette, Lakewood, Littleton, Longmont, Louisville, Loveland, Northglenn, Parker, Pueblo, Superior, and Westminster, among others. 

The program also is re-broadcast on KBDI, provided to other PBS stations as well as commercial stations, and usually is available via the Internet on our Web site as well as related Web sites, on a seven-day-a-week, 24-hours-a-day basis with worldwide access.  The program also may be distributed via other forms of media from time to time (such as CD, DVD, videotape, et cetera).  It also may have its audio portion broadcast on radio stations and as well as on other Internet locations.  You can go to "Next Show & Broadcast Information" here on for more information.  Of course, please feel free to call us anytime you have any questions.  Thanks!

1.  THE PRE-SHOW USA-TN produces each show and owns all usage rights.  Participation by the show's guests is completely voluntary and there is no initial or residual(s) compensation.  The program is broadcast on Colorado Public Television KBDI/TV-12 one or more times and may be used in whole or in part by USA Talk Network, Inc. and its assigns, as described above.  Webcasts and Internet archive access also are ways the program gets used.  Still photographs are used in Press Releases, on this Web site, and in any other ways as determined by USA Talk Network so please smile!

The show usually is masterminded by KBDI's Production Manager, Dominic Dezzutti.  You can call him at (303) 296-1212, extension 261.  If you need to talk with a USA Talk Network producer or Aaron, don't hesitate to call (303) 666-6161. 

The program normally is a half-hour in length and the actual taping is 26 minutes.  Certain special program are an hour in length with the actual taping being about 54 minutes.  Tapings usually are scheduled on Tuesdays.  This is done at the studios of KBDI - on the first floor of 2900 Welton Street in Denver, CO 80205.  The building is the Five Points Media Center and is located on the northeast corner of 29th Street and Welton Street.  If you get lost en route, call the Station directly at (303) 296-1212 and whoever answers the phone will guide you.

If you need directions, please go to the "Directions To The Studio" page in this, the "Guest Information" section.  You can use the navigation bar on the left or just click right here.  If you need directions and/or a map to the Studio, you can use an Internet map service and type in the destination location - 2900 Welton Street, Denver, CO 80205  -- for the location address.  You also can go to the "Studio Location Map" page in this, the "Guest Information" section and print out the map we provide.

Please send a biography, vitae or resume as soon as possible via e-mail to after you have agreed to be a guest.  This helps get you properly introduced on the show.  Please suggest a three-to five sentence introduction Aaron can use.  This is not a time to be shy or modest!  If you need to send something via FAX, you can use (303) 666-0750, although FAX transmissions are discouraged.

2.  GETTING READY.  Aaron usually will brief you a day or so in advance about the topic of the show.  Because the program's discussion is unrehearsed and unscripted, there never is any guarantee how much ground actually will be covered for a particular subject -- or even where the conversation will go!  That's OK as long as the conversation is interesting and entertaining.  The direction of the conversation and what actually is covered is the responsibility of the host, so you need not worry about this.  Nevertheless, you often can direct the conversation because Aaron tends to defer to his guests.  Because most program are only 26 minutes long, however, you always want to make your points fast, so don't be shy.  Everyone always likes controversy and strong opinions which are well-articulated. 

The best shows are when each guest get involved in the conversation, makes a point quickly, disengages from the conversation, lets someone else speak, and then jumps right back in.  Repeating this model over and over again is the best approach to the show for an individual guest.  Make your point in 10 to 20 seconds, get out, and then zip right back into the fray.

Often we are asked, "How should I dress for the show?"  Most people don't dress in any special way when they are guests.  Whatever you're wearing that day probably is just fine.  Some people have come on the program in formal wear and others have worn cut-off shorts and T-shirts.  If you are concerned, solid colors tend to be best.  You may dress very casually.  There is no "dress code."  Call Dominic if you'd like more "dress" advice.  Definitely don't ask Aaron for sartorial advice - he doesn't have a clue in such matters!

3.  BEING AT THE STUDIO.  Most taping days are triple sessions (i.e., three separate shows taped back-to-back).  Guests should arrive 30 minutes prior to their taping.  For most tapings, please arrive by 11:30 am for the first taping (which starts at 12:00 pm), by 12:00 pm for the second taping (which starts at 1:00 pm), and by 1:30 pm for the third taping (which usually starts at 2:00 pm).

Always verify your taping time.  The early arrival gives you a chance to meet the host and other guests as well as to talk about the show's topics with Aaron and your colleagues before you all are on the air.  Guests are not asked to prepare but some have done so by doing research, preparing questions, talking with others, et cetera.  This is not expected but it's OK (unless you appear way too smart compared to everyone else!).

When you arrive at KBDI, you will be escorted to the Green Room (a conference room for all the guests).  There usually is something to eat and drink (typically a variety of cold luncheon sandwiches and salads thanks to one of our sponsors, "Strings" restaurant and "240 Union" restaurant and their owner, Noel Cunningham) because most tapings occur during what normally is lunchtime for most people.  This also is a great time to meet your fellow guests.  You always can come earlier than scheduled.  That also gives you a chance to see the previous show being taped "live" (unless, of course, you are scheduled for the first show being taped that day).

When you go from the Green Room into the Studio with Aaron for the actual taping, please make certain you have turned off all phones, pagers, and other devices (pacemakers are OK -- keep those on!).  Most guests usually leave everything in the Green Room, where a USA-TN or KBDI staff member makes certain everything is left alone.

When guests are done with the taping on the set, they are free to leave immediately afterwards - typically just 30 minutes after taping starts.  You can ask who the other guests are, before your taping, if you are interested.  Our goal is to have an eclectic mix, often with guests who have no expertise on the subject matter.  If you are going to be accompanied to the studio by anyone else, please advise us in advance.  Your guest(s) will be able to watch the "live" show taping on a TV set monitor in the KBDI conference room or, if we are able to do so, they actually will get a chance to see the show produced in the Control Room.  They also are welcome to join us for lunch or eat while they watch the show being made.  Your guests are welcome!  On occasion, there will be one or more reporters, photographers, and/or other persons from the electronic and/or print Press covering the show.

4.  MAKING THE SHOW WORK.  The show starts with a brief welcome by Aaron, who then introduces each guest (that is why you need to send your bio or resume to, preferably a day in advance of the show).  Next he usually asks every guest the same short question as a way to get started.  Please keep your answer to this first question short so we can get everyone in quickly.  This is a "warm-up" question and is meant to get everyone going.  Then the general discussion begins, sometimes with a question for a specific guest from Aaron or just based on the reaction to some of the answers one or more guests made to the start-up question.

Always keep your answers as short as possible but participate fully and very often.  If Aaron interrupts you - which usually is rare -- usually it is because he is being directed to do get to another guest or has run out of time at the end of the show.

Once the general discussion begins, it's a free-for all and you should not be shy or hesitant to "jump in."  We want everyone to feel comfortable about participating fully.  Please be provocative and "spicy."    Viewers are interested in different opinions.  They are bored if everyone is saying the same thing.  They want to see ideas and positions creatively, intelligently, and passionately contested.  It also helps if you let people see your sense of humor but that's not a requirement! 

And don't worry about being too aggressive.  Some of the best shows were the ones commandeered by guests, with Aaron taking a back seat almost the entire time.  Those shows often are a lot of fun and you'll almost always find Aaron ready to play along - as if he has been supplanted unwillingly.

Don't make any assumptions about the positions Aaron may take.  He will surprise you not only because his opinions are wide-ranging but because his job is to facilitate the discussion.  As a result, he often will take positions which are not his own or even may be diametrically opposed to what he believes.  He often will make a statement as a way to foment discussion.  Many guests leave the show shaking their head as they hear Aaron take surprising positions or change positions 180 degrees in a middle of a taping session.  Remember, his primary task is to help create a good program - not showcase himself.  Of course, you're free to deploy the same tactic and surprise everyone else (including Aaron)!

Also, don't worry about looking at the camera (the "active" camera is the one with the red light on).  All you have to do is engage in conversation and, as you normally would, just look at the person with whom you are speaking.  We'll take care of everything else.

There will be small identifying "tags" inserted in the program for information (on all programs) and for humor (for shows with an entertainment focus).  They can be quite silly and are intended to entertain and/or inform.  Aaron usually is the target of the silliest tag lines.  The tags also are used to identify you by name throughout the show for viewers who join us while the program already is in progress.

5.  OVERVIEW OF THE SHOW AND THE ACTUALLY TAPING PROCESS.  The program is meant to be educational and provocative - while being entertaining and fun.  No vulgarity is allowed but we do want you to get excited.  There are no physical confrontations - you'll only be challenged on a "fact" or needled with humor.  Purely personal attacks are discouraged but don't hold back strong opinions.  And if you think someone has erred or has done something wrong, absolutely let him or her "have it."  Don't hold back.  You are there to  participate and, you'll want to jump into the fray every time you canDon't be shy

Of course, if someone who hasn't participated is trying to get a word in, please let him or her.  Your responsibility, however,  is to give your opinions and - above all -- that comes first and foremost.  Don't worry about the other participants.  They can take care of themselves.  While we all try to avoid talking over others (or the audience won't be able to understand a word), it will happen, so that's not a big deal, either. 

Please do watch for cues from the host, especially if he says time is running out.  He usually will signal a guest when he (Aaron) is off-camera by raising his finger (not the middle one!).  When you see this or see him otherwise motioning, quickly (i.e., in a few seconds) complete your sentence and allow him to move on.  He is constantly getting direction off-camera and needs your help to comply with the Director's decisions.

If Aaron is wildly indicating time is out (e.g., he's using a slashing motion with his hand across his throat!), please stop immediately - even if it's in mid-sentence!  This means the show really is over.  No matter how brilliant you might be at the moment, there is no way to "extend" the length of the show.  We get 26 minutes per half hour program - that's it.  This also is a good reason to make your points early in the show.  Many guess find they had a lot to say and never got to their main points because we ran out of time.  Don't sit there during a taping and think long and hard about what you want to say - just go and say it.  This show is reflexive - not contemplative!

At the end of the program, Aaron will thank each of the guests in the Studio.  Then he will turn to the camera and thank the viewing audience.  It will seem as if the show is over but it's not.  That is why, after he finishes thanking everyone, he will continue the conversation with the guests.  This is because the guests are still "on camera" in the background as the credits for the show "roll" (i.e., are rolled down the screen).

This is why everyone should keep talking and stay seated until an "all clear" is given and you hear it.  Don't start taking off your microphone or getting up until after the "all clear" signal because the program may include some of the footage and even some of the conversation after the formal sign off by Aaron.  So, even though Aaron has indicated, on-air, the show is over, it really isn't!  Again, that's because the cameras still are on and the show is being taped as the credits are rolled. 

When the taping truly ends, be sure to not get up without taking off your microphone.  A crew member usually will assist you.

6.  MORE INFORMATION.  If you have any questions, please e-mail or call us.  And, remember, the main objective is for everyone to have a good time! 

On occasion, some guests want a tape of the show they are on.  If you would like a copy of the program, USA Talk Network always waives the usual $75 reproduction, handling, and shipping fee and will provide you with one gratis.  Just make certain you have placed your request in advance.  In some cases, it may take some time to get a tape to you.  This depends on the number of tape copy requests and the recording limitations of the facilities (in terms of both equipment and staff).  We'll do our best for you.

If you do get a tape, remember, it cannot be copied, transmitted, or broadcast - in whole or in part - without the written consent of the copyright holder (USA Talk Network, Inc.).  If you want to do any of these, just contact us first.  If appropriate, we will grant you permission for your usage request.  All such grants must be in writing to be valid. 

News programs often use segments or clips of the program and are provided these by USA-TN through KBDI.  They are required - as are all users - to credit "The Aaron Harber Show" and "KBDI Channel 12."  Failure to credit both "The Aaron Harber Show" and "KBDI Channel 12" is a violation of any usage policy.

Political campaigns often request permission to use clips or segments of the program.  These are granted on a case-by-case basis.  In all such instances, written permission from USA-TN is required to avoid a copyright violation as the programs are and remain at all times the sole proprietary property of USA Talk Network, Inc.  USA-TN's policy is to ensure that any political usage of its programming is in the correct context and does not permit usage which distorts what actually happened on the program.  Thanks very much for respecting these conditions.

You also always can ask when the broadcast date and time of your show will be.  The information usually is provided on this Web site ( in the "Next Show" section.  Guests are encouraged to inform their contacts (e.g., via their own e-mail lists) when they are appearing on the show and to direct folks to this Web site.  When you receive an e-mail notice about the program and/or the broadcast dates, feel free to forward that to your e-mail lists.  Remember, your friends, family, and colleagues, supporters, et cetera, all would be disappointed if they didn't get a chance to see you on the air!

Most importantly, thank you very much for donating your time and participation to the program.   It is greatly appreciated.  The best shows usually have little to do with the topic and almost always are due to great "performances" by one or more gusts.  If you relax, speak your mind, "be yourself," and have a good time, the odds are you will help make it a great show.  Again, thanks!

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