Donald Trump

In this week’s program, Donald Trump takes a few minutes to speak with Aaron about his 2016 race for the Presidency at a rally in Colorado Springs. He talks about his top priorities for his first 100 days of office, if elected. Aaron also asked him about the Media coverage Trump has received and the ways he is trying to move his campaign forward. After the rally, we ask a Trump supporter her reasons for wanting to vote for him. Then, we share some of the discussion from the pre-Debate and post-Debate discussions which ensued at Regis University for the final Presidential Debate.  The event was moderated by Aaron and included a panel some of Colorado’s top journalists including Denver Post Editor Lee Ann Colacioppo, Westword Editor Patty Calhoun, KNUS Radio Host Krista Kafer, Emmy Award-winning journalist Tamara Banks, and former Rocky Mountain News Media Critic Jason Salzman.

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