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Last Chance for Six Flags Elitch Gardens by Aaron Harber
October 25, 2006 - Print Article

Halloween Festivities Abound

Having been inundated with politics for the past several months, I decided I needed a break from all the television advertisements I was seeing as well as the television programs I was doing. So, I decided to take a break from the television and political realm to see what the Six Flags Elitch Gardens’ Halloween “Fright Fest” was all about. I wasn’t disappointed and it was a great change of pace.

I had been to the Park recently for my daughter’s 12th birthday party (thanks to Darren McMahan at www.AClassicActLimo.com, the girls traveled to the Park via limo at a very reasonable cost - they loved that surprise as well as the opportunity to all be together for the entire time). At Six Flags, I noticed how much fun the kids were having. What I also observed on that occasion was how clean the Park was compared to recent years. This is a big deal to me and something I notice in any public facility I go - including restaurants and theaters. The Park appeared very well-staffed and I noticed how friendly everyone was. The Six Flags staff seemed genuinely interested in making certain everyone had a good time. I liked that.

On this second visit, we arrived in time for the Park’s Halloween festivities, which currently are ongoing. There were many opportunities for little kids such as a free Trick-Or-Treat Trail, children’s shows, and a not-overly-spooky haunted house but, at 12 years old, my daughter didn’t want to engage in any “little kid” activities. Instead, it was onto the major rides - including the tortuous “Mind Eraser.”

In addition to the permanent rides, the Park has what has to be one of the best haunted houses for teens and adults along with the “Brutal Planet” serial killer journey as well as silly activities such as a cockroach-eating contest (sorry PETA). We inspected the live cockroaches - they were huge - and concluded the amount of money needed to get any of us to do that would bankrupt the Park.

As the evening progressed, I was impressed with how there were so many people in the Park yet the wait for most rides wasn’t very long. I expected it to be cold that evening but the temperature stayed moderate through the point in time we left at about 9:30 pm. I also took note of the mix of guests at the Park. It seemed everyone, from every possible neighborhood in the metro area, was there - and they were all having fun.

My daughter became enamored of one ride in particular - entitled “Shake, Rattle, and Roll.” She was willing to go on it 50 times, if I had let her. I thought six times was enough and we moved on to other opportunities. I had to admit, although I had ridden the “Mind Eraser” a few years ago, I had just eaten and was happy to watch the kids this time. Even the “Tea Cups” appeared daunting to me that evening.

What I really liked as I strolled around was the omnipresent Halloween music in the background. It created the perfect “Fright Fest” atmosphere throughout the Park. No matter where I went, the music was lurking nearby. The place must have a hundred speakers scattered throughout the Park. On the downside, every time I bought food and drinks for the kids, I felt I needed to apply for a loan. Next time I’ll have them eat before we get to the Park. I have to admit, however, I love those Dippin’ Dots - and could eat them by the pound.

Denver metro area residents have one final opportunity to get to Six Flags Elitch Gardens (http://www.sixflags.com/parks/elitchgardens) this Friday, Saturday or Sunday before the Park closes until next Spring. With the weather predicted in the 60’s, my recommendation is to take family and friends for an afternoon or evening of fun while this great facility is available to everyone. If you see me there, please come over and say “Hello.”

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