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USA Talk Network, in conjunction with Public Broadcasting Station KBDI - TV 12, has created three programs -- "Blind Justice," "The Aaron Harber Show," and "Election 2004" -- which target Colorado's most educated, sophisticated, politically and socially active, and involved citizens. These are the Coloradans who are the State's opinion leaders and are concerned about the critical issues of the day -- the ideal, focused demographic segments for many companies and organizations.

There is a "premiere" and a "re-broadcast" of each show on PBS/KBDI with primary audiences in the Denver metro area, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Longmont, Pueblo, Lafayette, Louisville, Erie, and Greeley, with a potential of 1.5 million households [+3.0 million people]). Initial combined audiences are up to 50,000 viewers, and the goal is 100,000 regular viewers. The shows eventually will be offered to the Western Slope as well as other PBS stations across the country.

The programs are self-supported and raise funds to cover production, marketing and promotion, Web site development and maintenance, administrative, and other costs. The revenues generated by underwriting, sponsorships, and advertising are used exclusively for the programs and activities related to them. The budgets of the programs are "breakeven" at best and, therefore, are not profitable by design.

Because both regularly-scheduled programs -- "Blind Justice" and "The Aaron Harber Show" -- are broadcast twice a week weekly, there is a total of four broadcasts for the two shows. They also will be provided for viewing on the Internet (one simulcast for the original broadcast and 365-day-a-year access) and via videocassette with all underwriting and sponsorships fully intact for all re-broadcasts and electronic versions. Thus, a single advertising placement will receive multiple broadcasts in several media. USA-TN will arrange for the facilities to produce any sponsor or underwriter television advertisement, if need be, at a nominal cost (usually a one-time charge of $500 to $2,500, depending on the complexity of the spot).

"Advertisers" are classified as businesses simply using television time for the business purpose of advertising. "Sponsors" are entities, including organizations and individuals, who are seeking to support the programming and who receive advertising as just one benefit of their participation. "Underwriters" are entities, including organizations and individuals, who are seeking to support the programming and know their support greatly exceeds the advertising benefit they receive. Underwriters truly are donors to the effort and often are thanked directly for their support (e.g., "Election 2004 was brought to you thanks to the generous of [FILL IN THE BLANK]).

With a total of only 90 seconds of advertising per show, sponsors are guaranteed prominence due to the lack of clutter compared to commercial stations. This increases the value of the ad because it will be noticed. This also means, however, that with only 45 seconds available at the beginning of each program and with 45 seconds available at the end of each program, the number of available spots may be very limited, especially if only a few sponsors elect to take large amounts of time (e.g., 10 or 15 seconds apiece).

Advertisers, sponsors, and underwriters have several options on USA Talk Network programming. The first option is to be listed in the credits and thanked for your support. This appears at the end of the show and is part of a long list of Station and USA-TN credits. With this listing, you receive a single line to include an organization's or individual's name. If space permits, we will include both and/or a Web site address.

The second option is to be included in a block of sponsors. In this instance, there usually is space for some combination of the following: the name of your organization, a contact person, a Web site address, a telephone number, and a logo or organizational phrase.

The third option is to purchase exclusive time in increments of 2½ seconds. In this period of time, a spot can be broadcast which includes a logo or video, the name of your organization, a contact person, a Web site address, a telephone number, an organizational phrase, and a voiceover making a statement about the organization. You have the option of increasing the length of your spot in multiples of 2½ seconds.

Public Television stations can now accept almost any portion of an advertisement on commercial television. Many ads on PBS stations are shortened versions of the ones seen on commercial stations and networks. USA-TN will work with you to develop or edit a spot which works best for the time period you decide to purchase.

USA-TN also provides tremendous rate discounts (up to over 90% off one-time daily rates for television advertising and up to 80% off one-time daily rates for World Wide Web advertising) for sponsors and advertisers who take advantage of multiple-show contract plans. Two-minute segments which cost $17,500 on a one-time basis can be sponsored for as little as $2,500 per broadcast if sponsored for the full term (e.g., a savings of 86% for a 50-show series with 100 broadcasts). To get the volume discounts, a contract for a minimum of 10 to 50 consecutive shows is required, depending on the program selected. Top preferences and the best rates go to sponsors and underwriters who provide long-term support (e.g., contracts for 50-show/100-broadcast commitments).

Depending on the arrangements, available space, and timing, all rates are subject to further negotiation. All advertising is subject to standard advertising agency commissions, when placed by an advertising agency.



Separate from television advertising, inclusion on a one-time basis, for a set number of consecutive weeks, or for up to a full year on the USA Talk Network World Wide Web site on a 24-hour-a-day basis also is available to underwriters and sponsors (whether a TV advertiser or not). For a nominal one-time charge (only $250), USA-TN will help design and create any WWW advertisement. WWW ads can include color, audio and/or video, along with logos and text.

Placement opportunities include being listed on our "Sponsor Board," having an exclusive space (in increments of 1/8 of a page up to a full page -- with an eighth of a page being the equivalent in area to one-eighth of an 8½" X 11" sheet of paper), having an exclusive banner on one of the interior pages, and having an exclusive banner on the Home Page (only one banner is allowed per Page). There also is an option for business type or industry exclusivity, usually at a premium of 100%, if available.

The WWW site will include a 24-hour-a-day "Chat Room"/forum for participants to discuss issues and make suggestions regarding program topics and guests they would like to see on the show. WWW primary advertisers and sponsors also may have a direct link from their advertisement to their own home page or Web site at no additional charge. The USA-TN site is expected to have substantial activity throughout the year and should provide exposure to thousands of participants for any sponsor. Activity reports will be provided to advertisers and underwriters.


Major TV and WWW sponsors (defined as a purchase or contribution of $50,000 or more annually) also receive prominent mention on the Station's promotions of the show as well as on other advertising and promotion - both electronic and print. This creates a high degree of visibility. The value of this may exceed the cost of the ad within the program itself. This is a unique advantage.

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