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"The Aaron Harber Show" is a weekly half-hour television show broadcast on Public Television station KBDI-TV Channel 12 (Colorado Public Broadcasting) in Denver -- the nation's 18th largest media market.  The program provides a forum for seeking accuracy and truth via mutually respectful discourse in a format in diametric opposition to television’s addiction to the generation of gratuitous conflict, false controversy, polarization, and unfounded personal attacks.  "The Aaron Harber Show" gives everyone a fair chance to speak in a setting conducive to honest and candid discussion.

The program is available to almost 2 million households and +/-4 million people, with simultaneous broadcasts on Colorado stations and channels in Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Englewood, Fort Collins, Greeley, Lakewood, Littleton, Longmont, Parker, Pueblo, and many other cities.   
Additionally, the program is broadcast on COMCAST Entertainment Television (cable channel 5) throughout Colorado as well as on Denver Open Media channels 57 and 58 (formerly DCTV).  It also is offered by commercial television station KPXC-TV on channel 59 (also cable channel 17) throughout Colorado (an affiliate of 60-station national ION Media Networks -- formerly PAX Television).  And the program is available 24/7 on the Web as well as via satellite and cable -- resulting in viewers from coast to coast and internationally.

The nonpartisan program is hosted by Aaron Harber, who is recognized for his ability to facilitate civil debate among diverse guests.  The show’s relaxed style, long-form structure, and broad range of personalities expressing uncommon views make "The Aaron Harber Show" both entertaining and educational.  Aaron is known for adroitly drawing out his guests from the worlds of politics, government, entertainment, media, education, business, religion, and the arts for insightful discussions of national and international issues.

Recent guests have included former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, CBS Anchor Bob Schieffer, 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, presidential candidate & former Governor Tommy Thompson, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, humor author Dave Barry, PBS Anchor Jim Lehrer, former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson, Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, former CIA Director James Woolsey, ABC’s Cokie Roberts, United Nations Foundation President Tim Wirth, futurist John Naisbitt, former U.S. Senator Gary Hart, Israeli Ambassadors Daniel Ayalon and Sallai Meridor, Governor Bill Owens, Iraq Study Group Co-Chair and former Congressman Lee Hamilton, former U.S. Secretary of Energy, Secretary of Transportation, and Mayor Federico Pena, Washington Post executive Ben Bradlee, Congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo, activist Ralph Nader, Governor Bill Ritter, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, Ambassador Swanee Hunt, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, university president and former U.S. Senator Hank Brown, U.S. Senator Ken Salazar, Aspen Institute CEO, former TIME Magazine Managing Editor, and former CNN Chairman Walter Isaacson, author, broadcaster, and gadfly Jim Hightower, SHELL OIL President John Hofmeister, National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Dana Gioia, philanthropist Teresa Heinz Kerry, U.S. Senator Arlen Specter, former Mayor and former DNC Vice Chair Wellington Webb, and Jordan’s Queen Noor.  The show is recognized for exclusive first-time interviews with principals such as President Bill Clinton.

With degrees from Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School and Harvard’s Kennedy School, Aaron has an unparalleled background in international affairs, economics, law, business, and politics.  An ardent defender of the First Amendment and equal rights for all, Aaron gained national recognition when he was sued frivolously for $20 million by Rush Limbaugh, et al, for using the word "Rush" in the title of his national radio program ("After the Rush").  With broad-based support across the entire political spectrum, Aaron prevailed in the federal court case.  Limbaugh didn't get a penny while Aaron was applauded for standing up to him.  Aaron used humor throughout that event as he effectively does on his television program.

In 1998, Aaron moved from the Talk America Radio Network (where he was heard on 51 radio stations across the country) exclusively into the television arena.  He has appeared on and hosted a number of television and radio programs.  The talk industry's leading publication  -- "TALKERS MAGAZINE" -- selected Aaron out of 5,000 hosts across the country as one of America's “100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts” in 1997 (along with other hosts such as Don Imus,  G. Gordon Liddy, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Howard Stern, and Bruce Williams).  For more information or to view a sample of past programs, please visit the show’s Web site ( or e-mail

USA Talk Network,” “USA-TN,” “Blind Justice,” “The Aaron Harber Show,” and “Spontaneous Combustion” are registered trademarks and the proprietary products, trade names, and properties of USA Talk Network, Inc. and Aaron Harber -- (303) 666-6161, Post Office Box 17143, Boulder, Colorado 80308-0143.     [07-07-07]


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