Volunteer & Intern Opportunities

Intern positions often are made available through USA Talk Network ("USA-TN") in Denver in conjunction with Colorado Public Television station KBDI Channel 12 ("KBDI") as educational opportunities and as a way to directly involve the community in our programming. Interns can help in a general way or can elect to work with one of USA-TN’ s two Colorado-based television programs, " The Aaron Harber Show ™ " and " Blind Justice ™."

" The Aaron Harber Show " is a one-half hour program which usually has four different guests each week who join host Aaron Harber for an unrehearsed, free-wheeling discussion on a number of topics – from current events to social issues. It can be seen at 9:00 pm on Fridays and at 2:00 pm on Sundays.

" Blind Justice " is a one-half hour program which will examine the flaws of the American Legal System. It is expected to begin production during the third quarter of 2004 and begin broadcast shortly thereafter. Right now, "Blind Justice" is only in preliminary development stages.

Interns may work at their own offices, schools, and/or homes as well as at the television station in Denver. Each person usually designs a program and schedule which works best for them. The purpose of the program is to give people a chance to see the inner-workings of the productions and have an opportunity to be involved with one or more facets of the production of a television show. Making this a "learning experience" is a primary objective of these opportunities.

Interns typically work on one or more programs in conjunction with their formal courses of study at their university, college or high school. Their work at the Station and/or for USA Talk Network is not paid and must be approved and formally sponsored by the appropriate school administrator or faculty member through that non-profit organization.

HOURS PER WEEK : Each intern may work as little or as much as he or she wants. Typically, this will be 10 to 20 hours of work each week. No intern will be allowed to work more than 25 hours a week. Interns have great flexibility in setting their schedules. A regular schedule is more important than the total hours worked. By having some degree of regularity, people will be able to depend on each other.

CONTACT INFORMATION: If you are interested in becoming an intern, please contact Zachary Adler of USA Talk Network about available internship opportunities. Send e-mail to him at Zac@HarberTV.com. His direct phone number is ( 303 ) 449-5043 . Interns most often will work through their schools’ formal intern program as well as directly through a faculty member. In all cases, please send a resume or vitae via e-mail to Zachary. If you would like to use regular First Class mail, send it to the following address but do make certain you make a phone or e-mail follow-up.

Mr. Zachary Adler
2500 North 119 th Street
Lafayette, CO 80026-9216

LOCATIONS : All interns will be expected to do most of their work from their schools, their offices, or their homes. They can do some work at the Boulder office and, occasionally, at the TV station. Interns usually are invited to attend "live" tapings of the show at Colorado Public Television ’ s studios near downtown Denver. KBDI/TV-12 is located at 2900 Welton Street in Denver (the northeast corner of 29 th and Welton) . KBDI is accessible via bus and Light Rail (the RTD Light Rail line is several feet away from the Station). There will be times where research and other work will be done in and around the Denver area. Travel opportunities may occur for research projects and for clip tapings (especially for celebrity interviews).

APPLICANT QUALIFICATIONS. All internships are unpaid , volunteer positions. Students must be enrolled at a qualifying Colorado institution of secondary education, higher education, or vocational education . Again, a resume or vitae -- no matter how short it may be -- and any additional information should be sent to Zachary Adler via e-mail or by regular First Class mail at the address, above.

START DATES AND EXPECTED commitment : Positions can start at any time and can be held throughout the entire school or calendar year. Positions are expected to last at least one semester at a time. In most cases, an initial minimum 90-day commitment is expected so both parties can see if the arrangement is a good one for everyone involved.

SUPERVISION : All interns will be supervised by a staffperson at their school with assistance from a member of the USA-TN staff or other appropriate organization. Due to the nature of the work, candidates who are creative and motivated self-starters will receive preference. Much of the work will be done individually and not on-site.

TEAM-WORK : All interns are treated as full-fledged members of the production and research team. If you have a friend or colleague who would like to intern with you, this is encouraged. In this manner, you will not always be working alone on an assignment. The staff will give you as much support as possible but, due to constant demands of the productions, this support often can be inconsistent.


There are several areas where interns can be of assistance. The selection will be based on each person’ s background, academic field (past) or program (current) of study , as well as his or her interests. It i s helpful if you tell us what your strengths are and what you believe you would like to do. Much of the work will involve developing and updating confidential contact lists. Interns usually will focus in one or two of the following areas:

* TOPIC SELECTION . The programs provide for a wide range of subject matter. Helping propose show topics and designing individual programs is a fun opportunity for everyone involved. A sample of show topics includes "Why Men Stink," "Entertainment In Colorado," "Successful Colorado Authors," "What Makes A Successful Marriage," "The U.S. Senate Race" (with the candidates themselves), "The State Of Sports In Colorado," "Gun Control," "The Impacts Of 9-11," "Same Sex Parenting," and just about everything else under the sun.

* TOPIC RESEARCH . The programs require a wide range of topic research – all which can be done with available local and on-line resources. For topics selected for broadcast, data needs to be researched and questions need to be developed for each show. Everyone can be involved in the research of shows whose subjects interest them.

* GUEST BOOKING . This involves identifying and booking guests from the worlds of the arts, business, education, entertainment, law, media, and sports for future shows, and coordinating the guests ’ appearances. Coordination with Denver-area events such as speakers, book signings, concert appearances, et cetera, all need to be developed and integrated into both programs. "List-development" will be a key function. Your ideas about appropriate guests will help shape the shows. One goal is to seek more national guests as they visit Denver – from political figures to actors to bands and other musicians as well as a wide range of other entertainers, performers, and speakers.

* MARKETING & PROMOTION. The shows need major marketing and promotional efforts to complete their PBS underwriting goals. Marketing plans and budgets need to be developed and implemented. Some may be in conjunction with marketing classes at local colleges and universities as well as with advertising agencies and other professionals. You can be involved in the design and implementation of low-budget marketing and promotional efforts.

* PRESS & PUBLICITY . The programs offer newsworthy opportunities for Press coverage and need a coordinated, scheduled Press effort to announce show topics, guests, and other offerings from USA-TN and KBDI on a weekly basis. Contact with the Press will be extensive. Development of Press Contact e-mail and mailing lists will be high priorities. There needs to be communication with a wide range of Press and Media entities in Colorado and across the nation.

* SCHOOL COORDINATION . Programs need to be developed in conjunction with colleges and universities for internships, research efforts, and both panelist and guest opportunities.

* PRODUCTION OPPORTUNITIES. Before, during, and after the actual production of the show, there are a number of opportunities to assist. They range from writing scripts for the show, writing scripts for promoting each show, greeting guests as they arrive at the Studio, doing make-up, tracking down missing guests, helping to seat the guests, taking both staged and candid photos of the guests and the host, assisting with "mike-ing" the guests, operating the CG system, assisting with the Teleprompter, being available to help in the Control Room, staying with the incoming guests for the next show (i.e., while another one is being taped), making tapes of shows and sending them to guests, editing shows, making commercials for the program, going out on shots for clips around the Denver Metro area, scheduling shots and interviews, producing a new "open" for the program, responding to requests for tapes and interviews, et cetera.


  • New introduction or "opening."
  • Shooting of introduction elements (e.g., comical pieces of Aaron with Rockies, Broncos, Rapids, Nuggets, Avalanche, Mammoth, et cetera, as well as at well-known Colorado locations).
  • New underwriter/sponsor reel.
  • Promotional spots and campaign for interactivity to get viewers involved with the show.

* SPECIFIC CURRENT PRODUCTION NEEDS FOR "BLIND JUSTICE." The following are needed at this time.

  • Logo.
  • Music.
  • Introduction or "opening."
  • Closing.
  • Underwriter/sponsor reel.
  • Promotional spots and campaign for interactivity to get viewers involved with the show.

* SET DESIGN. Both programs need sets. "The Aaron Harber Show" needs a new set, with a lighter background. "Blind Justice" needs a set. A lighter background is needed so the Web broadcasts are easier to watch and to avoid guests being enveloped (and sometimes disembodied) by the current dark background used for "The Aaron Harber Show." Creative approaches to the set are desired and will be encouraged.

* WEB SITE DEVELOPMENT. There needs to be an ongoing effort to update, improve, and even re-design the programs ’ current Web site – "www.HarberTV.com" – as well as maintain it with information on the next broadcasts and improve it as a means to have the audience participate, interactively on a unprecedented scale, in the development of future programs by suggesting topics, guests, questions, et cetera. Inputting information and photos as well as helping improve the site provide opportunities to explore the connection between broadcast television and the Internet. The site also needs to resume putting all the programs on-line for viewing over the Internet.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thanks, again, for your interest in working with us. These opportunities should be seen as one way we can involve the community in our programming. We will do our best to make your intern experience educational, interesting, challenging, and fun but be prepared to work hard, too !

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