Future Plans For The Web Site

Our goals for this Web site include providing you with as much information about the show and about Aaron as possible - all in an easy to access manner. We also want the Web site to be interactive - a place where you can help shape future shows through your criticism and analysis. This means making it easy for you to contact us and send us your suggestions.

Not only are your suggestions welcome, we sincerely want you to send us any ideas of any nature you would like us to consider. There is no limit on the content of ideas or how many times you send us your ideas or critiques of what we are doing. We welcome your participation and want you to feel comfortable communicating with us at any time. We will try to respond to every communication we receive. Of course, any submissions do become the property of USA Talk Network, Inc. and no credit or remuneration can be given - although we will thank you!

In addition to your comments and suggestions about the show, itself, also feel free to tell us what you like or don't like about this Web site as it constructed today. Tell us about what you would change. Tell us about what else is needed. Tell us what you would like to see us do in the future. Don't hold back - everything is "fair game."

Now, we already have been thinking about what else we would like to do here on the Web site. Here's a tentative list of some of the changes we are contemplating.

Our first change will be to add more of Aaron's past opinions and writings. You will be amused to see the dates some of these were written. Because Aaron takes positions on the show which may not actually be his - i.e., to facilitate discussion - this section will give you a better chance to see how he really thinks (or thought!) about a wide range of issues. Even he has been surprised at how his opinions have changed over the years. Gee, are we becoming more conservative?

Our second change is to expand our on-line photograph collection. We want to include more pictures from the making of the show itself and hope to add 200 or more photos to the Web site's current total of almost 200.

Our next change will be to add a section reviewing products, services, shows, books, CD's, hotels, airlines, destinations, and anything else Aaron or the staff uses or is involved in. These also will include the offerings of various partners. There will be links to these organizations as well. This section will be fun and intended more for amusement than any serious analysis.

After that, we will set up a page on the Web site to respond to your e-mails, letters, and phone calls. People will be able to go to the Web site and see what other folks are saying as well as the responses being given by Aaron and the "The Aaron Harber Show" team.

Then we would like to have a monthly on-line "chat" with Aaron. At some point, we may even build a "Chat Room" for viewers of the show. We know that's a recipe for trouble - getting Aaron's viewers in one place - but we like the thought!

In addition to a Chat Room and monthly chats with Aaron, we are planning to implement an automated survey system which will allow you to register you opinion on particular shows as well as on a wider range of topics. Then we periodically with publish the results so you can see how your opinions match up with other viewers and users.

We want to add more video to the Web site, too. Future plans call for including the show's 20-second "opening" segment so you can better see who is included in it. We also are considering including video clips of some of the endorsements made and calls to watch "The Aaron Harber Show" - often by people who never heard of the show! Many of these are very amusing.

Ultimately, we would like to archive as many of the shows as possible so you can do a search for a particular guest or topic and view the show online. This doesn't make sense to do for a while, however, as most people don't have the broadband capacity to efficiently download a half hour of video.

Here's a more detailed list of the improvements we are considering and the approximate time periods we expect them to be implemented. As we get suggestions from you and other viewers, we will add and subtract from this list as well as modify the implementation timetable. If you have a great idea - and we think it's great, too - we will give your idea higher priority than other items on our list so don't hesitate to make suggestions!

1. Expansion of the essays and opinions' section detailing Aaron's "real views" (well, at least at one point in time, because they do change!)

2. Presentation of the Show's "Open" (a 20-second video clip)

3. Inclusion of endorsement video clips.

4. Letters to "The Aaron Harber Show" and responses from Aaron and the Staff.

5. Options such as "Text Only" on each page as well as possibly for the entire Web site (although this might be a tad boring!)

6. Video copies of clips from some of Aaron's past shows and work as an on-air Political Analyst (possibly one to five hours of archived material)

7. Live chat plans and schedule.

8. Chat room.

9. On-line surveys to rate each show and to get Web site users' opinions on a wide range of subjects.

10. Video copies of complete programs from a sampling of Aaron's "The Aaron Harber Show" and "Election 2000" shows.

11. Live Web broadcasts.

15. A complete set of past show archives (as much as 100 hours of programming - yikes!)

Of course, this is all in addition to updating the existing sections, giving you the most up-to-the-date information on the show's broadcast schedule, and adding links as we find new resources and add new sponsors and advertisers. And, as mentioned, if your ideas are better than ours, we will implement your ideas first (this, in turn, will shift the completion dates for some of the above improvements).

As we update the Web site and complete each of the above, we will modify this list to indicate when the objective was reached. We won't delete completed tasks but will maintain the list so you can monitor our progress. You also will see additions and deletions, with notations when they are suggested by viewers such as yourself.

So, as you can see, the Web site will change almost every week. Visit us often and tell us how we can make the Web site more interesting and valuable to you. Remember, "The Aaron Harber Show" is your show. You can help shape the show and the Web site simply by telling us what you want. Send an e-mail to Comments@HarberTV.com at any time to send us your ideas and suggestions.

Thanks, again, for making "The Aaron Harber Show" a better show!

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