Guest List

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* National touring comedian and USO performer Jimmy Abeyta

* ADAMS GROUP President and famed Economist Tucker Hart Adams

* Middle Eastern Economic expert MSC Professor Mohammed Akacem

* Colorado State Board of Education member Ben Alexander

* DURA Chief Bruce Alexander (now President of VECTRA BANK)

* Colorado State Senator & ex-House Majority Leader Norma Anderson

* Colorado State Senator & former gubernatorial candidate John Andrews

* KUSA News Anchor Adele Arakawa

* Gun-Owner Rights Advocate Ari Armstrong

* Former U.S. Senator Bill Armstrong

* ACLU Executive Director Sue Armstrong

* Colorado State Senator Ken Arnold

* Producer, director, actor and Avenue Theater owner John Ashton

* Political consultant and Republican Party expert Katy Atkinson

* Colorado Education Association President Beverly Ausfahl

* Former General Services Administration Regional Director Polly Baca

* PEOPLE MAGAZINE Correspondent Vickie Bane

* US Small Business Administration Director Patricia Barela-Rivera

* Children's author and successful businessman Thomas Barron

* ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS Statehouse Reporter Lynn Bartels

* Indiana Governor Evan Bayh

* CO Republican State Chairman & Heritage Banks CEO Bob Beauprez

* "Defending The Caveman" Broadway star Rob Becker

* CATHOLIC ARCHDIOCESE Special Adviser Bill Beckman

* Presidential political strategist and consultant Paul Begala

* Talk Show Host and Democratic State Secretary Denis Berckfeldt

* DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS President Elaine Berman

* National author ("501 Ways To Sell") and speaker Fred Berns

* U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman

* Colorado Senate Majority Leader Tom Blickensderfer

* National Talk Show Host Jim Bohannon

* National Hispanic Activist Juana Bordas

* Denver Int'l Airport Deputy Manager of Aviation Amy Bourgeron

* Journalist, former TV anchor, and GOCO director Jon Bowman

* U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Bill Bradley

* WB2/KWGN - TV 2 News Anchor Wendy Brockman

* Friends of the Earth founder David Brower

* SOLDIER OF FORTUNE Magazine publisher Colonel Bob Brown

* DENVER POST Political Editor and Senior Correspondent Fred Brown

* Former U.S. Senator & Univ. of Northern Colorado President Hank

* U.S. Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown

* ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS Style Section Editor Suzanne Brown

* Tax-Cutting Advocate and TABOR Author Douglas Bruce

* Former Colorado Secretary of State Mary Estill Buchanan

* Republican operative & national media relations expert Christine Burtt


* National touring comedienne and "Goddess" Lori Callahan

* U.S. Senator Ben Campbell

* CU Law Prof. & ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS columnist Paul Campos

* West Virginia Governor Gaston Caperton

* Mexican political leader Cuahotemoc Cardenas

* DENVER POST Columnist Diane Carman

* Former Deputy Secretary of State & Chief Spokesman Hodding Carter

* Colorado State Representative Nolbert Chavez

* ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS Columnist Norm Clarke

* NEWSWEEK Editor and McLaughlin Group Panelist Eleanor Clift

* Colorado State Treasurer Mike Coffman

* Ice cream magnate Ben Cohen

* National touring comedian Darryl Collier

* Colorado State Representative Jim Congrove

* WB2/KWGN - TV-2 Sports Anchor Jim Conrad

* Fearless Living Institute President Greg Cortopassi

* Arapahoe County Repub. Chair & "Outlaw" Band Member Bo Cottrell

* WEDDING NETWORK Founder & Chairman Stephen Cunningham

* Comedy Works President and Owner Wende Curtis

* Colorado Secretary of State Donetta Davidson

* Colorado House Majority Leader Doug Dean

* Vermont Governor Howard Dean

* Congresswoman Diana DeGette


* DU Aviation Law Professor & Frontier Airlines Director Paul Dempsey

* Congresswoman Laura DeRosa

* Talk Show host and national speaker Greg Dobbs

* Democratic National Committee Chairman & U.S. Senator Chris Dodd

* U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan

* Denver Civic Theater Artistic Director Brantley Dunanway

* Adams Mark Hotel Marketing Executive Selena Dunham

* National TV Talk Show host & former Denver DA Norm Early

* Attorney and Former Deputy Secretary of State Lynn Ellins

* DENVER POST Editorial Writer Bob Ewegen

* White House Whitewater Counsel Mark Fabiani

* FARRELL GROUP President Jo Farrell

* Colorado Senate Minority Leader Mike Feeley

* Author, Photographer, and Growth Control Proponent John Fielder

* KACEY FINE FURNITURE President & Owner Leslie Fishbein

* ANIMAL PLANET Emergency Vet & Comedian Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald

* ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS Reporter Kevin Flynn

* Democratic National Committee Chairman Donald Fowler

* ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS Columnist Kim Franke-Folstad

* Congregation Emanuel Rabbi Steven Foster


* Democratic Leadership Council President Al From

* City Of Denver Mayoral Spokesman & Liaison Briggs Gamblin

* ANKO METALS President Anna Garcia

* Songstress, comedian, stage performer Lannie Garrett

* COLORADO STUDIOS President and Owner Phil Garvin

* Defense Attorney and civil rights lawyer Walter Gerash

* Columnist and Independence Institute Scholar Linda Gorman

* Colorado House Minority Leader Ken Gordon (and now State Senator)

* Colorado State Representative Dorothy Gotlieb

* KMGH/Channel 7 Sports Anchor Tom Green

* COLORADO AFL-CIO President Bob Greene

* KUSA Anchor and Meteorologist Ed Greene

* Former Boulder Mayor and congressional candidate Bob Greenlee

* Colorado Retail Council Executive Director JoAnne Groff

* Former Colorado State Senator Regis Groff

* National Talk Show Host Gil Gross

* SAFE COLORADO Co-Director Arnie Grossman

* National touring comedienne Emily Grove

* University of Colorado at Denver Chief Spokesman Ernest Gurule

* DENVER POST Editor Glenn Guzzo

* Denver City Councilman Ted Hackworth

* National Talk Radio host and syndicated Columnist Ken Hamblin

* Colorado State Senator Deanna Hanna

* Former Denver First Lady & world-class runner Ellen Hart Pena

* Former U.S. Senator Gary Hart

* TV Sportscaster and KOA Talk Show host Scott Hastings

* Denver City Councilwoman Allegra "Happy" Haynes

* Metro State College Political Science Dept. Chairman Robert Hazan

* Colorado Trial Lawyers Association President Cathy Hazouri

* PONDEROSA INDUSTRIES CEO & Governor candidate Rollie Heath

* SCC Communications Corporation President & CEO George Heinrichs

* Psychologist and national author ("The Power Of Two") Dr. Susan

* WYNCOOP BREWERY Owner and entrepreneur John Hickenlooper

* Colorado State Senator Mark Hillman

* Colorado State Representative Diane Hoppe

* Denver Press Secretary & Mayoral Spokesman Andrew Hudson

* Navigant International Vice President Shannon Stewart Ingram

* NAT'L ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN President Patricia Ireland

* KOSI 101.1 FM "Murphy And Jo Morning Show" host Murphy Huston

* Colorado Council of Churches & Christ Church Reverend Beth Robey


* National touring comedienne "Just Jay"

* Nationally syndicated international affairs writer & editor Holger Jensen

* Colorado Muslim Society Director of Public Relations Mohammed Jodah

* National touring comedian and television performer Louis Johnson

* U.S. Trade Representative and Ambassador Mickey Kantor

* National best-selling author Mimi Katzenbach

* Former U.S. Attorney General Nicholas deB. Katzenbach

* Islamic Center Ahl al beit Iman Ibrahim Kazerooni

* PRIVACY FOUNDATION Executive Director Stephen Keating

* Colorado State Representative Moe Keller

* National best-selling author & former politico Marne Davis Kellogg

* Talk Show Host Gail Kessler

* Colorado State Representative Keith King

* TV comedian (HBO & Showtime) & movie actor ("DRE") Kenny King

* University of Colorado Regent Susan Kirk

* Metro State College Adjunct Faculty Member & Activist Sharron Klein

* Former Congressman Ray Kogovsek

* Independence Institute Research Director Michael Krauss

* Colo. State Representative & congressional candidate Martha Kreutz

* University of Colorado Medical School Dean Dr. Richard Krugman

* Former Colorado Governor and presidential candidate Dick Lamm

* Former Colorado First Lady & U.S. Senate candidate Dottie Lamm

* Attorney and political activist Tom Lamm

* Famed criminal defense attorney and Death Penalty opponent David


* Small Business Development Center Executive Director Tamela Lee

* Former Colorado Public Utilities Commission Chairman Ron Lehr

* DENVER POST Business Reporter Jeffrey Leib

* CD 104.3 Morning Show DJ & Host Marty Lenz

* DENVER POST Business Section Editor Al Lewis

* Colorado State Representative Gloria Leyba

* U.S. Senator & Dem.. Leadership Council Chairman Joseph Lieberman

* ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS Columnist Mike Littwin

* TV (A & E) and Las Vegas comedienne Teresa Roberts Logan

* Democratic National Committee Member Mary Alice Mandarich


* DENVER POST Feature Writer and best-selling author Claire Martin

* University of Colorado Regent Jim Martin

* Former Colorado Secretary of State candidate Anthony Martinez

* Denver City Councilwoman Ramona Martinez

* COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL victim parent Tom Mauser

* Jefferson County Assessor Kevin McCasky

* White House Chief Spokesman and Press Secretary Michael McCurry

* Sports Psychologist and Nutritionist Diana McNab


* CO. Department of Public Safety Executive Director Suzanne Mencer

* MSNBC Legal Analyst Jeralyn Merritt


* White House Chief Counsel [Judge] Abner Mikva

* President of Citizens for Responsible Gov't & ProLife backer Pat Miller

* U.S. Senator Patty Murray

* KOSI Morning Radio personality Jo Myers

* DU Professor of Int'l Affairs & DENVER POST Columnist Ved Nanda

* TV and Radio Talk Host Marty Nalitz

* COLORADO UNION OF TAXPAYERS' President Marty Neilson

* Nebraska Governor Ben Nelson

* HOUSE OF BLUES Colorado President Mark Norman

* Former Colorado Attorney General Gale Norton (Secretary of the

* National comedienne Nancy Norton

* Energy industry lobbyist and Denver attorney Dianna Orf

* DENVER POST radio and television critic Joanne Ostrow

* LA VOZ Publisher and Editor Wanda Padilla

* Dance great and organization founder Cleo Parker-Robinson

* Colorado State Representative Mark Paschall

* Colorado State Senator Pat Pascoe

* Physicians For Social Responsibility Executive Director Ted Pascoe

* Political Consultant & Former House Minority Leader Chris Paulson

* KWGN/TV-2 WB2 Morning News Anchor Jeff Peterson

* Economist and former State Representative Penn Pfiffner

* LONGMONT TIMES-CALL Investigative Reporter B.J. Plaskett

* Internet entrepreneur (, et al) Jared Polis

* Golda Meir Leadership Center Director and DU Prof. Norman Provizor

* Vice President Dan Quayle

* Pulitzer Prize-winning author Anna Quindlen

* "KOSI After Dark" & Colorado's #1 rated evening show host Rashke

* Colorado State Senator & former State House member Peggy Reeves

* U.S. Secretary of Labor (and Aaron's former teacher) Robert Reich

* Denver City Councilwoman and President Cathy Reynolds

* UNIVISION General Manager Yrma Rico

* Campaign Strategist and Political Consultant Rick Ridder

* U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley

* Denver District Attorney Bill Ritter

* KOA talk show host & former Denver Bronco Reggie Rivers

* CITY AND COUNTY OF DENVER Clerk Rosemary Rodriguez

* Colorado Lieutenant Governor Joe Rogers

* Former legislator, U.S. Senate candidate, and attorney Gil Romero

* Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar

* Former Colorado State Senator Paul Sandoval

* DENVER POST Assistant Business Editor Rowena Sandoval

* Former RTD Board member and gubernatorial candidate Dick Sargent

* Rocky Mountain News TV & Radio Critic Dusty Saunders

* DENVER POST Sports Columnist Adam Schefter

* Former Colorado Lt. Governor & State Treasurer Gail Schoettler


* Renowned journalist Daniel Schorr

* Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder

* Real Estate Developer and educational reform leader Steve Schuck

* DENVER POST Statehouse Reporter Trent Seibert

* U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala

* Sportscaster Les Shapiro

* UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO Public Policy Director Buie Seawell

* CELESTIAL SEASONINGS Founder and Chairman Mo Siegel

* American Civil Liberties Union Legal Director Mark Silverstein

* U.S. Secretary of Transportation Samuel Skinner

* Colorado State Patrol Captain Steve Smee

* Colorado State Representative Nancy Spence

* Colorado NOW President Melanie Stafford

* DCPA Public Affairs Dir./State Educatn. Board member Gully Stanford

* Colorado Republican Party Political Director Jack Stansbery

* White House Adviser George Stephanopolous

* XCEL Energy Chief Spokesman Mart Stutz

* U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Louis Sullivan

* United States Attorney & former CO Corrections Ex. Director John

* DU International Studies Professor and terrorism expert Joe Szyliowicz

* Congressman Tom Tancredo

* ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS President and Editor John Temple

* Comedian, Knowledge TV host, TV writer, director Tim Testa

* Colorado Senate majority Leader Bill Thiebaut

* Investigative journalist and Internet expert Jeff Thomas

* Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Styron

* KWGN/TV-2 WB2 Morning News Anchor Laura Thornquist

* Businessman and U.S. Congress candidate Ken Toltz

* CIA Director Stansfield Turner

* Congressman Mark Udall

* Colorado Assistant Attorney General Laura Udis

* Psychologist and Talk Show host Andrea VanSteenhouse

* Chamber of Commerce official Brian Vogt

* U.S. Secretary of Energy Admiral James Watkins

* Denver City Councilwoman Elbra Wedgeworth

* Public Relations and Political Consultant Steven Welchert

* CU Law Professor, TV legal analyst, top-selling author Mimi Wesson

* COLORADO DAILY Editor Pamela White

* National Talk Show Host Bruce Williams

* ROCKY NEWS writer & President Mary Winter

* Deputy Secretary of State and former U.S. Senator Tim Wirth

* U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Clayton Yeutter

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