Aaron's Crazy Race

Day 15 -- Training Resumes And Ends

Today I began to get a bit frustrated with myself.  With my not getting any exercise for most of the 20-day period, I realized it not only was ludicrous to think I was going to make any significant progress but was self-defeating because it was likely I would not finish the Race.  I was feeling poorly, again, and decided to "gut through" the day.  Little did I know how close to the truth that would be as my condition worsened.

I spent part of the day with the TV team and worked as much as I could although I didn't feel well.  I spoke with a friend who had to cancel her Reunions trip because her son had been fired from his job for using drugs and couldn't be left alone.  We talked about how difficult it was to get a job if you were a drug user at all because a majority of companies now required applicants to undergo drug testing.  I realized I never had to do that for a job and only had to do it for life insurance policies.  It wasn't a big deal for me, personally, because I never had used illegal drugs but, with the pain I was in, anything and everything was tempting! 

The sad news of the day was a message I received telling me one of the puppies from Guide Dogs For The Blind we had raised -- Ostend -- had suddenly died due to a malignant tumor in the right atrium of his heart rupturing and killing him.  He was a great Golden Retriever and would have been eight years old in just a few months.  "Ozzie" had been to professional football games and the White House because his blind person was the Number One Fan of the New England Patriots.  I knew Randy was devastated and still couldn't believe Ozzie was gone.  His death made me terribly sad and I grappled with how and when I would break the news to Holly.

After everyone left, I worked some more.  Holly called from school to ask if she could bring a friend home to work on their Mini-Society project (a microcosm of capitalism created at her school every year).  I consented and soon they were home, having a great time and getting very little of their work done.  They cleaned up and we left for Boulder  at 6:00 pm to take Caitlin home and pick up Joel in Lafayette for Karate at the YMCA.  Despite my discomfort, I was absolutely determined to resume my training and run today.  In the meantime, all Holly could talk about was the annual school picnic held today and how much fun she had.  She couldn't stop talking about it.  That was great.

At the "Y," I weighed in at 200 pounds and was pleased, especially given how little exercise I was getting.  I was the lone runner on the track but initially kept a good pace without any encouragement.  After a few laps, however, the pain medication began to wear off and my body began to hurt so I slowed down.  I made it to 10 laps and thought 20 laps seemed to be an impossible goal.  When I hit 20 laps, I promised myself I could quit at 30.  I kept going but, at 40, knew I wouldn't last much longer.  I was in too much pain.  Hey, where were those endorphins when you need them?  I gave up on my 75-lap goal and quit after Lap 50 -- noticing it had taken me 55 minutes.  That was the equivalent, at best, of a 90-minute pace for the Bolder Boulder.  If I factored in the usual 25% extra time to adjust for the difficulty of the outdoor course, my time would be closer to 1 hours and 53 minutes.  Holy cow!  Maybe I should pull a Rosie Ruiz?

I walked around the track a few times in a feeble effort to compensate for my short run (even I wasn't convinced it compensated in any way) and then rested for 15 minutes while Holly and Joel continued their Karate lesson.  I ran into Peggy Martinez, one of the instructors, who said both kids had done very well today.  We missed Zoe (it turned out she wasn't feeling well) but everyone did fine without her.  We took Joel home and then, at our house, had a late and, unfortunately, very large dinner.  I downed four hot dogs on bunds with everything as well as a pound of scalloped potatoes and half pound of coleslaw along with several beverages.  So much for my diet.

I finally told Holly about Ozzie and we both were very upset for some time.  I comforted her for a long time.  We both couldn't believe we had lost the little guy.  I knew we would be upset for a long time.  I finally tucked her in at  10:30 pm but couldn't get to sleep, myself, for another two hours.  I was hoping tomorrow would be better.

Note: To enter in the Bolder Boulder and run with Aaron, go to www.BolderBoulder.com.

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