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Aaron Harber is available for speaking to groups of any size -- e.g., 10 to 10,000 -- for keynote speeches of 30 to 90 minutes in length (at the client's discretion) as well as for secondary (i.e., non-keynote) speeches, consultations, on-stage mediations, special visits with key personnel, board members, financial supporters, and the Press as well as similar activities. He also often serves as the Master of Ceremonies of different events.

Aaron also may be available to help organizations in other ways while on site, time-permitting. His breadth of experience -- as president of several companies to being head of a 3,000-member international computer users organization to his media work -- allows him to understand myriad problems at a level rarely seen. His fees can include the opportunity to dine with the organization's board of directors or and/key supporters during an event or even prior to the day of his speech or other activities.

Based on the organization's desire, Aaron also is available to participate in panels as well as take questions, one-on-one. He usually takes questions from the floor, in a post-address Question & Answer format which is included in his standard fee. Aaron excels at Q & A formats. They add an element of spontaneity and interactivity which participants love and which often is lacking in typically standard or packaged keynote addresses. Allowing the audience to participate usually results in a much more valuable and memorable experience for attendees. It often can make the presentation far more relevant than typical generic motivational keynote speeches.


Aaron is under an exclusive contract to USA Talk Network, Inc. and, as a result, all fees paid to USA-TN are used to defray the cost of USA-TN programming and related activities, including but not limited to production and transmission costs as well as marketing and promotional costs. As a result, payments are made directly to USA Talk Network and not to Aaron personally. No fees are ever paid directly to Aaron and, in most cases, Aaron does not personally receive a fee for hi speaking. USA-TN does all of Aaron's scheduling for public speaking and all confirmations must be in writing to be valid.
In some cases, by prior arrangement, Aaron and USA Talk Network will donate part or all of a sponsoring organization's fee to a charitable organization. By prior arrangement, they may have the sponsoring organization make such a contribution directly to the organization selected by USA-TN.

Furthermore, some fees will be reduced for engagements whose purpose is to directly assist charitable organizations (e.g., in their fundraising efforts). These discounts are intended to help charitable organizations and arrangements for this are made in advance with USA-TN. Typical activities include fundraising event for which Aaron is asked to be the Master of Ceremonies.


Each presentation Aaron makes is tailored to the particular audience that day. He believes production values are important in presentations today. And he knows his audiences -- the consumers of his product -- expect a state-of-the-art offering. Presentations typically will include video footage of Aaron's television shows, interviews with well-known people (a sample of examples includes Warren Beatty, Annette Bening, Jimmy Carter, Edward Dice Clay, Don King, Ananda Lewis, Bill Maher, Ed McMahon, Michael Medved, Pat O'Brien, Regis Philbin, Ron Reagan, Cokie Roberts, Jerry Springer, Martha Stewart, and Meshach Taylor, among many others).

Presentations can be made unaided by any audio-visual support or even a without a microphone for small groups (300 or less) but Aaron has audio and visual elements in his speeches which are best accommodated by multi-media equipment. He prefers a wireless microphone set-up so he can roam the stage and/or go into the audience, where possible and germane. In large groups (over 1,000), he prefers being able to be seen by all attendees via a stage setting. For audiences in excess of 2,000, USA Talk Network recommends one or more supplementary large close-circuit display screens.

On occasion, slide and movie projectors as well as cassette and CD players may be necessary but Aaron typically uses a Power Point presentation. Aaron's staff will check all equipment to be used in his presentation in conjunction with conference or event staff. These plans and requirements will be coordinated with the sponsor well in advance of the engagement date.

The purpose of using sophisticated presentation technologies is to maximize the effectiveness of the delivery itself and how well it is communicated and remembered by the audience. Aaron is aware that most conference sessions are formally rated and that the sponsoring organizations expect their paid speakers to add a special and very positive dimension to the program. As a result, Aaron does spend a considerable amount of resources using advanced presentation technology.


Aaron is a big believer in having handouts for each presentation for three reasons. First, especially if it includes an outline of his speech, audience members will better understand the presentation and be more likely to remember it. Second, every organization has a substantial number of members who can't help but take extensive notes. This often interferes with the communication process between the speaker and the audience member. By providing materials -- and especially an outline of Aaron's talk -- audience members can focus more on the speech itself. Third, by providing materials, Aaron has found audience members are more likely to remember key elements of his talk and are better able to follow-up by reading the materials as well as by going to sources referenced in the materials. This all combines to create much greater and longer-lasting value for audience members.

The sponsor usually is expected to distribute a set of supplementary materials provided by Aaron to attendees. This typically is done as attendees enter the hall or are provided immediately before the session by being placed on the chairs in the hall or room. These materials may include various exercises, questions, outlines, and similar information, as well as an outline of the presentation itself. This will be determined in consultation with the sponsoring organization, based on the audience profile and speech type. These typically will cost between $1 and $5 per attendee, depending on the materials and the audience size. They usually are printed beforehand by USA-TN and delivered a week in advance of the conference or session.


Dates through 31 December 2005 are being accepted at this time at the rates stated below. These rates are automatically guaranteed by the payment of the non-refundable deposit equal to one-quarter ((25%) of the total costs and fees as calculated by USA Talk Network. Within ninety (90) days of the reservation or thirty (30) days of the event itself, whichever is first, the balance of all the fees are due. Any additional, unpaid fees or expenses will be billed after the event if they were not already covered by the total payment calculation provided to the sponsoring organization. In the event there is a credit balance, it will be refunded promptly bu USA-TN.

Due to administrative expenses and forfeited engagements, cancellations made more than ninety (90) days of an event are subject to a 25% cancellation charge. Cancellations made between fifteen (15) and ninety (90) days prior to an event are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than fifteen (15) days prior to an event are subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

In the event Aaron is unable to be in attendance due to circumstances beyond his control, all payments will be refunded in full by USA Talk Network. In such instances, at the sponsoring organization's option, USA-TN also will provide a substitute speaker and will guarantee the organization's unconditional satisfaction with the quality of the speaker.


Aaron also may be available as a last-minute substitute, in the event a keynote speaker takes ill or otherwise becomes unavailable. If his schedule permits, he will do everything possible to accommodate meeting planners and sponsoring organizations. Last minute notice can even be the same day of an event. His participation is restricted only by travel limitations and prior commitments.

There is an additional fee for last-minute bookings and emergency substitutions (defined as a contract signed within 30 days of an event). The fee is an extra 25% of the total otherwise due with a minimum extra charge of $5,000 for domestic U.S. conferences and $10,000 for international conferences. This is in addition to the fee schedule, below. Aaron is available to speak in any country not designated with a travel advisory by the U.S. Department of State.


Aaron's fees are modularized so the Conference Planner or Conference Organizational Team can utilize only what is necessary for their particular event(s). You can build your own package by selecting only what you need.

Modules used in combination will be discounted to make the total package affordable for most conferences. The Combined Rate applies when two or more services are requested by the sponsoring entity (e.g., a Keynote Address and at least one other major service such as Panel Participation or a Panel Moderation). These fees are subject to the cancellation policies stated herein as well as any additional charges for last-minute bookings or emergency substitutions.


Aaron's fees typically are discounted for charitable organizations (federally tax-exempt) and certain Colorado political groups. Presentations to young people (18 and under) also are discounted. In extraordinary circumstances, Aaron's fees will be waived and payment only for expenses will be required.

Please contact USA Talk Network for details to see if your organization qualifies for a discount. These discounts can be substantial -- ranging from 10 to 75%. Discounts are based on Aaron's personal belief in assisting organizations who need and deserve support.

Additional discounts are provided when a sponsoring organization elects to have Aaron provide two or more elements during the same visit (ranging from 10 to 50% off one or more services). Hence, by retaining two or more of Aaron's services, an organization can achieve further substantial savings.


Keynote Address with Q & A (45 to 90 minutes total)
Non-Keynote Speech with
Q & A (30 to 60 minutes)
Question & Answer Session only (30 to 60 minutes)
Panel Moderation (45 to 90 minutes)
Panel Participation (45 to 90 minutes)
Board or supporter dinner (same or previous day)
Hourly consulting rate (very limited availability)

Again, while fees and rates are subject to change, any sponsor who has an engagement confirmed by USA Talk Network will be guaranteed the rates prevailing at the time the deposit was accepted by USA-TN.


Aaron usually is accompanied by one or two support staff and their expenses are included in the above fees. Travel expenses normally are set at a flat rate to help the sponsoring entity with budgeting. If actual expenses are less than the amount budgeted, the difference is refunded to the sponsor. If travel expenses are expected to significantly exceed the amount budgeted due to either (a) the particular location (such as an international location) or (b) the last-minute nature of the request, the client will be asked to pay only for expenses actually incurred.

Usually one airline ticket will be for first class travel and one or two will be for unrestricted coach airfares. For budgeting purposes, standard rack hotel room rates should be applied. Bona fide travel expenses include airfare, cab, rental car, room, meals, telephone, and industry-standard incidentals.

To avoid problems attributable to challenges faced by the air travel industry, Aaron usually tries to arrive the day before he is scheduled to speak. Depending on the event, one or more of his staff members will advance the event and almost always will be on-site at least one or two days in advance. If requested by the sponsor, a prior advance visit can be arranged.


A non-refundable deposit of the greater of 25% of the total anticipated charges or $2,500 is required for any non-discounted reservation. Payment must accompany any reservation form. Last-minute bookings and emergency speeches require payment in full prior at the time of reservation. The above-stated rates are subject to change but any rate quoted by USA Talk Network for which a date has been confirmed and for which the non-refundable payment has been received, is guaranteed. Clients will be notified of any rate changes at the earliest possible times but these changes will apply only to future bookings. This Web site usually will have the most current rates posted.


To determine if Aaron is available or to book him, contact USA Talk Network by sending an e-mail to Speaker@HarberTV.com or via phone at (303) 443-2626. If your date can be accommodated, then complete a Reservation Form and submit it via e-mail or by FAX. USA Talk Network usually provides a response within one business day of most submissions. This response will either confirm the date or explain that it is unavailable.

On occasion, Aaron can be booked as a back-up speaker in advance. In such a case, the same rates and cancellation policies will apply as are stated in the standard rates in the table above.

Thank you very much for your interest in having one of the most dynamic public speakers available be part of your program. We know you'll be pleased with the choice you made!

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