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Thanks, again, for your interest in the programming we plan to create from our special event featuring American hero and former F.B.I. Director and current Department of Justice Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller which includes a wonderful introduction by former U.S. Secretary of the Interior and United States Senator Ken Salazar.


Again, if you haven’t seen either of our two short introductory videos to our nonpartisan program, now broadcast in multiple states, please go to  Please encourage anyone not familiar with our show to view this introduction.


The Denver event was attended by +500 people, including hundreds of Department of Justice and Homeland Security officials, Law Enforcement officers, other First Responders (such as the FBI, ATF, DEA, Secret Service, Federal Marshalls, ICE, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, et cetera), members of the public, and over 200 high school students from diverse Colorado communities such as Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Greeley, Longmont, Mead, Niwot, Pueblo, and Strasburg.


To see a short highlight video of the event and our two interviews with Robert Mueller during his tenure as Director of the F.B.I., please go to  


On our Mueller page, you also can view the quotes sent to us specifically for our event with Director Mueller by a wide range of dignitaries --- from former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former F.B.I. Director James Comey to former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff.  You also can see a 30-second selfie video from Dr. Oz of “The Dr. Oz Show” at


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Below is a short biography of Mr. Mueller from the F.B.I.’s Website.  It is very modest, as is Director Mueller, because it leaves out many of his extraordinary accomplishments and some of the public and private positions he took, to protect Americans, sometimes at the risk of losing his job. 


One extraordinary example is when Director Mueller, along with then Acting Attorney General James Comey (who succeeded him as the Director of the F.B.I.), went to the White House to offer his resignation if the White House overruled a Department of Justice conclusion regarding domestic wiretapping.  Mr. Mueller’s willingness to sacrifice his job and possibly his career in order to protect the U.S. Constitution stands as a great example for Americans of all ages today.





Robert S. Mueller, III:  Director, September 4, 2001- September 4, 2013


Robert Mueller was nominated by President George W. Bush and became the sixth Director of the FBI on September 4, 2001.  Born in New York City, Mr. Mueller grew up outside of Philadelphia. He graduated from Princeton University in 1966 and later earned a master’s degree in International Relations at New York University.


After college, he joined the United States Marine Corps, where he served as an officer for three years, leading a rifle platoon of the Third Marine Division in Vietnam. He is the recipient of the Bronze Star, two Navy Commendation Medals, the Purple Heart, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.  Following his military service, Mr. Mueller earned a law degree from the University of Virginia Law School in 1973 and served on the Law Review.


After completing his education, Mr. Mueller worked as a litigator in San Francisco until 1976. He then served for 12 years in United States Attorney’s Offices, first in the Northern District of California in San Francisco, where he rose to be chief of its criminal division. In 1982, he moved to Boston as an Assistant United States Attorney, where he investigated and prosecuted major financial fraud, terrorist, and public corruption cases, as well as narcotics conspiracies and international money launderers.


After serving as a partner at the Boston law firm of Hill and Barlow, Mr. Mueller returned to public service. In 1989 he served in the United States Department of Justice as an assistant to Attorney General Richard L. Thornburgh. The following year he took charge of its Criminal Division. In 1991, he was elected Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers.


In 1993, Mr. Mueller became a partner at Boston’s Hale and Dorr, specializing in complex white collar crime litigation. He again returned to public service in 1995 as senior litigator in the Homicide Section of the District of Columbia United States Attorney’s Office. In 1998, Mr. Mueller was named United States Attorney in San Francisco and held that position until 2001.





This is a unique opportunity to engage citizens on a national basis at a time when Director Mueller is not responding to any public inquiries or to any comments being made about him by others. 


Being associated with such an extraordinary educational initiative --- with a special mention in each program (or even a short video) thanking you and/or your organization for making the series possible --- will generate extensive positive public exposure. 


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