George Biltz  


In this special episode of "The Energy Roundtable" from IHS CERAWeek, George Biltz, Vice President of Energy and Climate Change for Dow Chemical Company, talks about Dow as a company and how you interact with their products daily—from home insulation to airplane de-icer, what they do with 850 thousand barrels of oil per day—more than the entire continent of Australia uses—and how they reduce the resulting Greenhouse Gases through efficiency. Also discussed is the impact on U.S. manufacturing that the recent boom of Shale and Natural Gas in North America has had, and why Biltz says it's a good time for the U.S. to be without a National Energy Plan.


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Topics Discussed:
How Dow is in your life
Shale gas & Natural Gas boom
Impact on US manufacturing
Climate change
Greenhouse gas & Efficiency
Nat'l Energy Plan

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Dow Chemical

Dow Chemical
Dow Energy & Climate Change

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