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Congressman Mark Udall, of Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District, is the featured guest on "The Aaron Harber Show TM" this Friday, April 7th at 9:00 pm, and Sunday, April 9th, at 2:00 pm, on KBDI-TV Channel 12, in the first of a special two-part series.  Both television programs, in their entirety, are now available for viewing 24/7 at  Highlights of the first program include...

  • Udall’s unequivocal statement he will run for the U.S. Senate in 2008 even in the event incumbent Wayne Allard runs for reelection.
  • Udall’s involvement in the Renewable Energy arena and how he views President George Bush’s recent involvement the field.
  • Why Udall believes the President has not kept key promises, using as examples (1) the lack of funding for the No Child Left Behind program and (2) the War in Iraq, where a post-war plan to “win the peace” supposedly was in place when, in fact, there was no real plan.
  • Whether or not the Peak Oil phenomenon is serious and, if so, what should be done about it.
  • Udall’s proposal that the oil & gas exploration explosion should be slowed down and how to address energy company issues and environmental concerns.
  • Why Udall believes the United States is running out of time in Iraq but needs to recognize its responsibility for the mess it made.
  • How Udall confirms the War in Iraq will cost the United States $1 trillion or more.
  • Why Democrats have failed to get political traction despite a seemingly large number of major missteps by the current Republican Administration and how Udall expects this lack of traction to change as the General Election gets closer.
  • Udall’s specific five-point plan for the Democratic Party’s message for the 2006 election.
  • How Udall is working with Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave on fiscal issues.
  • Why Colorado is uniquely positioned politically because of the success of the Democratically-controlled General Assembly.

In addition to publicizing the show's broadcast times and content to your readers, viewers and listeners, please distribute this notice to your friends and colleagues.  Please refer them to to view the show or to learn more about the program.  To create greater access to the program, please forward this message to any and all appropriate e-mail address lists you have.  Thank you.

Broadcast quality beta, mini-DV, and DVD copies are available immediately to television and radio stations for broadcast purposes as well as to print publications -- all exclusively for news and review purposes.

"The Aaron Harber Show" is a nonpartisan program which engenders informed discussion of critical issues.  It is available via over-the-air broadcast, cable, satellite, and the Internet.  For more information, contact Zachary Adler, Media Liaison, at or (303) 532-1130.  You can contact Aaron directly at (303) 666-6161 or  Thank you.

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